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Ageility's experience and expertise can support your business goals where it matters most:

financial benefits
Financial Benefits

By preventing falls and declines in function that lead to more acute settings, you'll increase resident length of stay.

Operational Benefits
Operational Benefits

Your new clinic can be up and running within 60 days with almost no effort from you or your team, thanks to our white glove service.

Competitive Advantage
Competitive Advantage

Your residents and prospects want easy-access, on-site therapy and fitness solutions that help them stay active.

Give your residents the benefits of a full-service outpatient clinic

With Ageility, your community gets a dedicated partner for:

  • A culture of wellness. Increase wellness engagement and address physical and functional barriers in an intensive and holistic manner that strengthens the very fabric of your community.

  • Home health. Add therapy to existing home health services, plus post-home health outpatient therapy that allows residents to stay in the community versus moving to acute care settings.

  • Quality of life. Help your residents enjoy a full return to optimal health and quality of life with world-class in-house therapy and post-rehab fitness and strength training.

  • Your goals. Far more than a clinic or service, Ageility embraces your goals and those of your residents to become an integral part of a top-quality, full-service community.

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Locations Nationwide

Get the expertise of a national leader, delivered at the local level.

Experienced, Certified Therapists

Find therapists with specialized training in working with older adults.

Reduced Risk of Falls

Help your residents improve strength so they can enjoy daily living.

Why Choose Ageility

We know you have a choice when it comes to therapy providers. Here is what you get only with Ageility.


Certified Medicare providers, with all clinics accredited either by the state or AAAASF. We also provide centralized intake, insurance verification, billing and collections to support clinic business operations.


Community focused versus medically focused hospitality orientation. Your residents reside in supportive communities or independent living, not medical settings. We don’t drop in and then leave. We stay.


Programming for residents with dementia. Where others see barriers, we see opportunity for the memory care resident. A high number of our therapists are certified dementia practitioners.

open door

Schedule that meets your needs. Ageility clinics are open during all scheduled hours, so residents aren't beholden to a visiting therapist's schedule. It also means residents get to see your clinic in action.


Fully equipped clinics. Home health partners simply can’t carry in some of the sophisticated equipment your residents need for optimal outcomes, such as SCIFIT cardio equipment, recumbent bikes, HUR balance and more.

Eveidence based

Evidence-based programs that deliver results. Across different evaluations, residents reduced risk of falling by 36%, increased walking distance 23% and improved ability to use stairs 33%. (All data on file.)

Together, Ageility’s differentiators help you give your residents enhanced opportunities to lead full, meaningful lives. It is of great value to them—and to you.


We’ll help you strengthen your business.