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You’re navigating a variety of challenges as a leader in the senior care industry — from maintaining occupancy in your community to finding skilled workers to care for your residents. And Ageility can help. Learn more about the competitive advantages we can offer as a partner in your community.

Why Choose Ageility?

Gain a full-service wellness partner.

Your time and resources are valuable. Especially when you spend both ensuring your residents are living their best lives. That’s why we work right alongside you — focused on improving the health and wellness of your residents. So you can drive occupancy and deliver more smiles.

  • Injury preventionWe’re part of your community, so we recognize issues in your residents before they become injuries.
  • Memory care supportWe’re one of the few – perhaps the only – rehab & fitness organization that supports adults with dementia.
  • State-of-the-art equipmentWe provide everything — from supporting weights to sophisticated equipment, like SCIFIT cardio machines, recumbent bikes, HUR balance and more.
  • Proven clinical resultsIn our studies, residents reduced risk of falling by 36%, increased walking distance 23%, and improved ability to use stairs 33%.
  • Less work for youWe handle all the operations – staffing, intake, insurance verification, billing and more – so you can take care of the rest of your business. Plus, we’re certified Medicare providers, with all clinics accredited either by the state or AAAASF.

With Ageility, you get a top-quality, full-service partner that embraces your goals and those of your residents. Watch the video to learn how our differentiators can become your business builders.

Find strength in numbers.

31% increased stay The average length of stay for residents increased by 31% with Ageility.
40% impacted move-in rate 40% of residents made a move-in decision based in part on the presence of an Ageility clinic.
36% reduced falls Residents reduced risk of falling by 36% with Ageility.
You want a clinic.
We’ve got you covered.
Getting set up is easy. We do all the work in less than 60 days.
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  • Clinic location determined
  • Clinic lease agreement signed
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  • “White glove” one day equipment delivery
  • Recruit and hire certified team
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  • Co-branded marketing and promotions
  • Clinic launch

The next success story could be yours.

Hear from our partners — and see how we’re helping others like you build stronger, healthier communities.

Our community had one of the first Ageility clinics. From the very beginning to today my staff and I have been pleased with the excellent service, team work and customer service we have received. Our residents enjoy consistency with their therapists right here in their home! They often comment they are so happy to receive treatment not only from a knowledgeable professional but also a trusted friend. The staff enjoy the trainings the therapists provide as well as the comradery. The therapists treat our residents and staff like family. I would highly recommend the therapists of Ageility to care for my residents as well as my family.

Lisa Leppado, Heartlands at Severna Park

Personalized programs and services.
Delivered with care.

We’re experts in rehab, and we provide physical, occupational, and speech therapies — all delivered by certified professionals who specialize in older-adult health. See how our holistic approach engages the body, mind, and spirit to deliver effective, longer-lasting therapeutic results.

Staying active is the path to continued independence for older adults. That’s why more and more seniors are looking for communities with on-site fitness resources. See how Ageility gives your residents access to easy-to-use gym equipment, personal trainers, physical therapists, and workout classes.

Older adults often want and need specialized care for a variety of reasons. That’s why Ageility provides personalized clinical programming designed to help address complex conditions — such as balance and gait issues, incontinence, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and more.

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