Balance and Fall Prevention for Older Adults

Improve Balance, Strength, and Confidence for Greater Safety

Balance is often taken for granted—that is, unless we begin to lose our sense of balance due to illness, age or other factors. Ageility offers both therapy and fitness programs to build strength, confidence and mobility so older adults can enjoy greater balance, safety and independence.

Step Up to Stop Falls, Featuring Otago

Step Up to Stop Falls is a clinically proven therapy program designed to reduce falls. It includes strengthening, a walking program and balance activities.

Blended Balance Signature Fitness Program

Maintaining a sense of balance while standing and walking becomes harder as we age and can raise the risk of falling. Ageility’s Blended Balance Signature Fitness Program is designed to help older adults regain their sense of balance and build back strength to live safer, healthier lives.

Find the Right Fit
We offer balance assessments that will determine risk,
level of need and qualification for insurance.