Memory Care & Dementia Specialties

Promote Safety, Memory Enhancement, and Engagement

Therapeutic Specialties

Memory loss or dementia can lead to confusion and loss of function, which can lead to falls and other safety issues in older adults. Through Ageility’s memory care and dementia services, residents and caregivers learn techniques to better manage activities of daily living in order to maintain the highest levels of cognitive function. Our unique approach to memory care supports greater quality of life for residents and a better caregiving experience for their care partners.

Memory Care & Dementia Specialties

Ageility’s Connections Program is an evidence-based memory care program aimed at maximizing the function of residents with dementia throughout the disease progression. By creating effective techniques and strategies to prevent further unnecessary decline and support remaining abilities, caregivers and families are better able to support the resident’s abilities to successfully age in place.

MOVE is Ageility’s signature memory care fitness program. We take a holistic approach to wellness to wellness—where the top priority is maintaining quality of life and fostering a sense of purpose and engagement. Goals are accomplished through traditional fitness techniques, wellness activities such as yoga, tai chi, and massage and life enrichment activities such as gardening, dancing, cooking and golfing.

The Ageility Difference

All Ageility services are performed on site, seamlessly integrating to become part of community life.

Frequent monitoring detects issues sooner. Ageility can monitor residents for changes in their cognitive abilities and associated changes in functional abilities. Because they are onsite, Ageility therapists get to know residents and can call attention to any concerning changes in a resident’s cognitive function early on.
Precision assessments identify full potential. Ageility uses state-of-the-art, evidence-based assessment tools to accurately determine cognitive level and abilities—but more than that, what a resident’s highest potential might be. Not all rehab organizations offer this level of assessment.
Therapy onsite promotes greater independence. Ageility therapists work with residents and care partners onsite, in the environments most familiar to them. Not only does this increase a resident’s comfort; it makes therapy and training more effective in improving the ability to perform activities of daily living.
The Benefits
The best outcome of memory care support from Ageility may be that everyone benefits—care partners, residents, their communities and the families who want their loved ones to be able to live their best possible lives.

Caregivers Receive the Support They Need

Ageility teaches care partners easy-to-implement techniques to promote greater independence in residents with memory loss or dementia. Ageility therapists work to help increase cognitive function while reducing frustration and increasing ability to take care of their own needs such as bathing, dressing, managing medications, paying bills, and pursuing leisure activities. Residents enjoy enhanced memory, decision-making and self-expression while caregivers benefit from having a team supporting them.

Residents' Safety is Increased

Ageility goes beyond rehab to establish appropriate levels of care, to better adapt a resident’s surroundings to be safer and to prevent falls, injuries and hospitalizations. Fewer episodes mean less likelihood of having to move to a higher level of care.

Community Stays Grow Longer

By promoting safety and preventing the need to move to higher-level care settings, Ageility helps residents stay where they are most at home longer. Families avoid the stress of another move and a transition to more acute care, while residents retain as much independence as possible as they move through the stages of dementia.

Memory Rehabilitation

Residents and their communities benefit from Ageility’s unique hospitality approach.

  • Onsite for frequent training and therapy in a resident’s own environment—no need to travel or visit unfamiliar surroundings
  • Day-to-day observation for increased vigilance and more timely interventions
  • Therapists trained to use evidence-based methods, such as the Allen Cognitive Level Screen, for more targeted therapy
  • Frequent resident check-ins and family updates for greater reassurance
  • Fully integrated with activities programming, dining services and other aspects of the community for greater quality of life
Find the Right Fit
We offer assessments that will determine level of need and qualification for insurance.