Notice of Privacy Practices

This notice is for those receiving health care items and/or services from any AlerisLife Inc. (“AlerisLife”) subsidiary. In this notice we use the terms “we,” “us,” and “our” to describe Five Star Senior Living and Ageility Physical Therapy Solutions, with services including but not limited to assisted living communities, outpatient rehabilitation clinics, personal care homes, and home health agencies, which operate as a single affiliated covered entity (ACE) for HIPAA purposes. As a result, information-sharing among these subsidiaries constitutes use, but not disclosure, of the information.

1. Privacy
Your privacy is a priority for us.
We follow strict federal and state guidelines to maintain the confidentiality of your personal “protected health information.” This includes any information about your past, present or future health care, or payment for care that could be used to identify you.
Our team of health care personnel and business associates may access only the minimum of protected health information needed to complete their responsibilities.
2. Our Responsibilities
Your privacy is a priority for us.

  • Maintain the privacy of your health information
  • Provide this notice of our privacy practices and your privacy rights
  • Abide by the terms of the notice

We reserve the right to change our privacy practices, in accordance with the law. Any such changes will be incorporated into the notices posted and available at your request.
3. Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information without Your Authorization
We may use and disclose your protected health information without written authorization for:

  • Treatment – to allow staff to share information internally or with other providers when necessary for your health care. Examples include:
    • Reviewing medication or treatment responses
    • Discussing treatment progress during clinical staff meetings
  • Payment – to provide necessary information about services you receive so you, your insurance company, or other third party can pay us. Examples include:
    • Itemized bills to your insurance company
    • Requests for prior authorization
  • Health care operations – to use health information to improve the services we provide. Examples include:
    • Staff and student training
    • Business management
    • Performance improvement
    • Customer service
  • Other related uses and disclosures
    • Other related uses and disclosures
    • To inform you of health benefits, services and treatment alternatives
    • To communicate with family or persons involved in your care (unless you object)
    • To use a directory and inform visitors, callers and clergy where you are and your general condition (unless you object)

In certain situations we are required or permitted by law to disclose your health information without your authorization:

  • Emergency treatment situations
  • Averting serious threat to public health or safety
  • Protection of victims of abuse or neglect
  • Public health activities, such as tracking diseases and medical devices
  • Federal and state health oversight activities, such as accreditation or licensure surveys, and fraud and abuse investigations
  • Judicial or administrative proceedings
  • Requirements by law or for law enforcement
  • Specialized government functions such as national security and intelligence
  • Coroners, medical examiners and funeral directors
  • Organ donation
  • Workers’ compensation for injuries at work
  • Correctional institutions if you are an inmate
  • Research following strict review to ensure protection of information

Other uses and disclosures not described in this section 3 may only be done with your written authorization. You have the right to revoke your authorization at any time.
4. Your Rights
As a person receiving health care services from us, you have the right to:

  • Receive information about your health condition, diagnoses and treatments.
  • Inspect and get copies (for a fee) of your health information.* Special rules may apply for access to certain restricted information such as psychotherapy notes.
  • Request a restriction on how or to whom we disclose your health information.* Please note that we are not required to agree to a restriction.
  • Request an amendment to your health record. Please note that your request must include a reason.*
  • Request an accounting of how your health information has been disclosed, other than disclosures for treatment, payment, health care operations or other types of disclosures not required by law to be included in an accounting.*
  • Request that we communicate with you using a specific address, phone number, email or other means.*
  • Receive a paper copy of this notice.
  • Make a complaint about a violation of your privacy or rights.

* Please note that all requests must be in writing.
5. To Contact Us
If you want additional information, have questions about this notice, want to exercise your rights, or feel your rights have been violated, please contact the Privacy Officer at:
AlerisLife Inc.
Attn: Legal Department
255 Washington St. Suite 230
Newton, MA 02458
Hotline: 888-5SHIPAA (888-574-4722)
You may also file a complaint with the State or the US Secretary of Health and Human Services.
All complaints will be investigated and you will not suffer retaliation for filing a complaint.
Effective March 17, 2023