Partner in Parkinson's Program

A Partnership for Moving and Feeling Better

Ageility’s Partner in Parkinson’s Program is a holistic approach to treating Parkinson’s and other neurological conditions that affect the ability to move or speak. Partner in Parkinson’s offers physical, occupational and speech therapies proven to improve function in both movement and speech, as well as education and support. We team with our clients to help them gain confidence, meet their goals and improve their quality of life.

How Partner in Parkinson's Works

Partner in Parkinson’s is specially designed to treat Parkinson’s and other neurological conditions using exercise and other therapy techniques. Research has shown that exercise can be just as effective as medications in managing the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and even slow the progression of movement impairment.

Partner in Parkinson’s takes treatment to the next level by focusing on improving movement patterns while also considering non-motor symptoms, including emotional and cognitive changes. Therapists certified in evidence-based Parkinson’s treatment programs lead refreshing, dynamic, interactive one-on-one sessions designed to improve movement, gait and balance as well as vocal loudness and clarity.

Treatment and Planning

  • 1:1 sessions with certified physical, occupational, speech therapists, individualized to the client’s goals
  • Evidenced-based LSVT BIG® (for movement) and LSVT LOUD® (for speech) programs, developed specifically for Parkinson’s
  • Exercises focusing on movement, power, speed, agility, and coordination using non-contact boxing techniques
  • A comfortable and welcoming environment to optimize mobility and communication in daily living
  • Specialized treatment plans for Parkinson’s and other neurological conditions
  • Customized transition plan for ongoing wellness

LSVT: Proven to Help Clients Move and Live Better

Ageility’s Partner in Parkinson’s program includes therapists who have received special training in two evidence-based programs proven to improve movement and speech: LSVT BIG® (for movement) and LSVT LOUD® (for speech).

LSVT has been shown to improve ratings related to faster walking with bigger steps, improved balance, increased trunk rotation and improvement in activities of daily living such as bed mobility. It also helps improve the mismatch between what a client feels they’re doing and what they’re actually doing. Clients as a result feel more confident, comfortable and empowered.

Boxing: A Chance to Fight Back

Parkinson’s can cause deterioration in coordination and balance. To counter those effects, Partner in Parkinson’s enlists an innovative ally: boxing. Using boxing exercises focused on movement, power, speed, agility, and coordination, Ageility therapists “spar” with clients 1:1 to retrain coordination and balance while also focusing on range of motion and trunk rotation.

For each session, Ageility therapists set goals that encourage clients to punch farther and farther away from their comfort zone. These goals motivate clients to challenge the range of motion in their trunk to reach for extended points. Sessions are intense, with continuous activity to help improve motion, coordination and balance.

How Parkinson's Therapy Helped John Agate Walk Again

From wheelchair to walking.

See how LSVT, boxing and other Partner in Parkinson’s activities have helped Ageility client John Agate walk again and regain his independence.

Supporting the Family Journey
Parkinson's and related conditions present challenges for families as well as clients.

Ageility’s holistic approach includes daily home practice to ensure the transfer of learned skills to the family environment while addressing emotional and cognitive changes to help families navigate the progression of their loved one’s condition. Throughout, Ageility therapists collaborate with physicians to coordinate comprehensive care.