Balance and Fall Prevention for Older Adults

Improve balance, strength and confidence for greater safety

Balance is often taken for granted—that is, unless we begin to lose our sense of balance due to illness, age or other factors. Ageility offers both therapy and fitness programs to build strength, confidence and mobility so older adults can enjoy greater balance, safety and independence.

Step Up to Stop Falls featuring Otago

Step Up to Stop Falls featuring Otago

Step Up to Stop Falls is a clinically proven therapy program designed to reduce falls. It includes strengthening, a walking program and balance activities.

Therapy Program

Blended Balance Signature Fitness Program

Blended Balance Signature Fitness Program

Blended Balance is a 12-week, progressive fitness program that builds stability, strength and confidence to increase independence and quality of life.

Fitness Program

Not sure which balance and fall risk reduction option is the right fit?

Don’t worry. Ageility will make that determination so residents and families don’t have to. We offer balance assessments that will determine risk, level of need and qualification for insurance.

Balance is essential to safety

Older people whose balance is compromised are about twice as likely to fall as those whose balance is intact. Even without serious injury, having one or two falls in a year can result in an extra $3,500-$16,500 in health care costs.

More than 1 in 4 older people fall each year.

Balance is essential to quality of life

Our sense of balance affects how we get up from sitting as well as how we stand, walk and move through life safely and confidently. Even one fall can substantially lower quality of life for the older person due to fear of falling.

Ageility fall prevention and balance services are proactive, effective and state-of-the-art

We take the lead in identifying risk

Ageility takes the guesswork out of whether a person needs fall prevention and balance services. We’re in the community, allowing a unique opportunity to identify those at risk early. Ageility then uses standardized assessments to evaluate risk factors and the services a resident could benefit from.

Evidence-guided therapy promotes individual safety

Ageility therapists use the evidence-based Otago Exercise Program, which is proven to reduce the risk of falling by 30–45% in older adults. Residents may also be referred to our Blended Balance Signature Fitness Program for further balance training.

Fall prevention and balance: The Ageility difference

Residents and their communities benefit from Ageility’s unique hospitality approach:

  • Onsite for therapy in one’s own neighborhood—no need to travel or visit unfamiliar surroundings
  • Specialization in older adults and familiarity with residents—we get to know residents and can spot issues early
  • Therapists trained to use evidence-based methods, such as the Otago Exercise Program, for more targeted and effective therapy
  • Individualized assessments to determine best course of therapy and fitness services
  • Frequent resident check-ins and family updates for greater reassurance—we also check in with medical care providers
  • Fully integrated with activities programming, dining services and other aspects of the community for greater quality of life

Onsite clinics enable state-of-the-art technologies

Residents benefit from having sophisticated technology onsite, such as computerized balance platforms that help residents progress with balance and postural alignment.

This is just one example of the large-scale equipment Ageility offers that a visiting therapist cannot bring into the community.