Blended Balance Signature Fitness

Blended Balance Signature Fitness

A balance program for older adults

Maintaining a sense of balance while standing and walking becomes harder as we age and can raise the risk of falling. Degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s can compromise balance, too. Ageility’s Blended Balance Signature Fitness Program is designed to help older individuals regain their sense of balance and build back strength to live safer, healthier lives.

What is Blended Balance?

Our Blended Balance Signature Fitness Program is part of an integrated approach to fall intervention and prevention. It’s a 12-week, multimodal program that combines balance assessments with tai chi, yoga, balance training exercises and resistance training. Blended Balance is available to anyone wanting to improve their balance; Ageility therapists may also recommend Blended Balance following a course of therapy.

How does Blended Balance work?

The program closely follows balance recommendations from the American College of Sports Medicine. Blended Balance combines multicomponent programming to include balance, strength, power, flexibility and functional training for older adults. Each 30-minute session includes:

  • Tai chi warmu
  • Balance drills
  • Strength and/or power training
  • Yoga warm-down

A progressive, customized approach to balance for older adults

Blended Balance sessions progress from using support and eyesight as needed to using little to no support or eyesight to achieve and maintain balance. Balance assessments are performed at week 1 to establish a baseline and week 12 to evaluate progress.

Depending on need, Blended Balance may be repeated. Ageility may also integrate fall prevention rehab services through our OTAGO Fall Risk Reduction Program. Ageility trainers can advise participants on best next steps given their unique situation.

The results: Fewer falls, greater confidence

Building better balance can greatly reduce fear of falling, leading not only to fewer accidents and hospitalizations but better quality of life. Blended Balance is part of Ageility’s comprehensive offering for fall prevention and balance enhancement.

Start building greater confidence today

Not sure if Blended Balance is the right choice? Contact us to learn more. Or find an Ageility Clinic near you. A better life balance is within reach.

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