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Why partner with us?


Improve your occupancy and stay competitive

Ageility manages physical therapy and fitness clinics in more than 200 senior living communities nationwide. Our unique model of care proactively addresses health risks to help prevent injury, avoid moves to higher levels of care, and reduce resident leakage to more acute care settings.

Bottom-line benefits with an experienced partner

Our experience and expertise can support your business goals where it matters most:

  •           Financial benefits. Our services help mitigate risk due to changes and decline in resident condition beyond that afforded by home health alone—preventing falls and declines in condition that lead to a need for more acute settings, and other events that can reduce lengths of stay (LOS).

  •      Operational benefits. Ageility services are truly turnkey. From designing your clinic and staffing it to marketing and ongoing program support, we handle all the details. Your new clinic can be up and running within 60 days.

  •           Competitive advantage. Having an outpatient clinic gives your residents convenient access to services and you meaningful differentiation in the highly competitive senior living marketplace.

Our unique approach

Ageility gives our senior living community business partners true differentiation in a crowded market with a threefold approach to care:

  • We partner with preferred home health agencies to offer the benefit of an Ageility therapist for home health therapy needs while a resident needs home health services. That same therapist can then be available for post-home health outpatient therapy, offering participation on a more intensive, evidence-based plan of care to ensure complete recovery and a more durable therapeutic outcome. This helps to ensure your residents can continue to reside in their communities versus more acute settings.

  •          We also offer post-rehab fitness and strength training to ensure a full return to optimal quality of life. Residents are able to maintain their strength and ability to engaging in preferred activities and social opportunities with fewer limitations from potentially disabling conditions, avoiding social isolation.

What makes us different

We know you have a choice when it comes to therapy providers. Here is what you get only with Ageility.

  1. We have a community focused versus medically focused hospitality orientation. Ageility’s roots are in senior living and shape our entire practice. Your residents reside in supportive communities or independent living, not medical settings. We don’t drop in and then leave. We stay. That means in addition to working with residents, we work with your team and your entire staff, increasing your clinical and marketing capacity that relfects your philosophy of support for aging.
  2. We embrace dementia. Where others see barriers, we see opportunity for the memory care resident. A high number of our therapists are certified dementia practitioners.
  3. Our doors stay open. Ageility clinics are open during all scheduled hours. That means residents aren’t beholden to a visiting therapist’s schedule. It also means prospective residents get to see your clinic in action when they tour.
  4. Our clinics are fully equipped. Home health partners simply can’t carry in some of the sophisticated equipment your residents need for optimal outcomes, such as SCIFIT cardio equipment, recumbent bikes, HUR balance equipment and therapy modalities, including ultrasound and electrical stimulation.
  5. Our clinical programming is evidence-based. Therapy techniques are constantly evolving. To truly mitigate risk of injury or to treat complex conditions, from balance and gait problems to incontinence to Parkinson’s disease, your therapy partner’s services should reflect the latest science and the differing needs of your residents based upon where they reside in the senior living continuum.
  6. We deliver results. Residents receiving Ageility services have demonstrated improved outcomes, such as ability to walk, gait speed, dynamic standing (ability to scan the environment and reduce risk of an accident), and risk of falling. In one outcomes evaluation, residents at high risk of falling reduced risk by 36%. *

Together, Ageility’s differentiators help you give your residents enhanced opportunities to lead full, meaningful lives. It is of great value to them—and to you.

Improved outcomes. Increased LOS. Competitive Advantage. Make Ageility your physical therapy and fitness partner. We’ll help you strengthen your business.

*January-March 2021. Data on file.

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